Games with playing bones – most ancient of all gambling. They are based on good luck and exclusive skill of the player in a throwing of cubes. However also there are many strategies of rates in these which have proved the suitability in practice.

If you never played and do not know game rules a bit mad rate of game will by all means bring down you from sense. What for the Dealer takes away your rate if your number has dropped out? What for such huge game field? For what these numerous markers? To the beginner it will be difficult to understand it, but … Difficult – does not mean it is impossible!

If you look at a game table at once will see 6 cells (with numbers 4, 5, 8, 10) and inscriptions “six” and “nine”. Over these cells and under them there are cells where it is necessary to stake. Some they sign online of a casino, and some – leave empty (to understand that is a cell for the rate it is possible, having guided at it the cursor). Rates, which are exposed on the one hand from numbers (or simultaneously exposed 6 rates), are called place. Accordingly, on the other hand are located do not place.

Mad Bones

Payments from these rates are various, as well as payments depending on the chosen number are various. Why? Because probabilities of the sums of numbers on sides of playing bones are various (for example, the sum 6 will drop out more often, than the sum 4. For this reason, those who has put place on 4 will receive biggest prize).

The rate place is a rate on six various numbers. You can choose one number, and can put and at once on all 6. It becomes counting upon that number 7 will drop out later, than on what have put. You will win, if your number plays earlier, than the sum on playing bones will be equal 7.

On do not place too it is possible to make six rates. Only now calculation will be that the seven will appear earlier, than this number will drop out. It is necessary to notice that the given kind of the rate is accepted at any moment of playtech.

Also as at the rate place depending on number prizes will change. At the rate on number 4 or 10 player will receive a prize at a rate of 5 to 11, at 5 or 9 – 5 to 8, and at number 6 or 8 – 4 to 5. The probability of loss of the listed pairs numbers is various, therefore and the prize changes on size a little.

Pay attention that in some the Internet of a casino online in gambling in bone players cannot take advantage of rates place and do not place as these cells are not put on a game field for крэпса. Therefore before to begin dicing in a casino and to practice an establishment of rates place and do not place, attentively familiarize with a game field for Craps.